El puente Baluarte Bicentenario es un puente atirantado localizado en la Sierra Madre Occidental en los límites de los estados de Durango y Sinaloa, sobre la Autopista Durango-Mazatlán, en México.

Do you like to hike? If you are looking to trek through secluded jungle and hills, you should visit Isla Mezcala or Mezcala Island which is located on Chapala Lake. Deep ravines and steep hillsides provide great opportunities for hiking. Every year migratory birds visit Mezcala. Therefore, it is one of the top choices for bird watchers from Canada and America. While admiring the different colors in the sky, you will come across rare birds such as White Pelican.

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The beauty of nature and history of Mexico is available in abundance in Mezcala Island. Day-trippers from US and Canada love this unique blend visit the area in large numbers. Are you an avid eco tourist? In Mezcala Island, you will not find dearth of things that are meant for your interest. Lush jungle completes the natural area of the island. While treking through the jungle you will be walking through steep trails and shadier areas will give you a feel of nigh even during day time. All the time migratory birds will be flying in the sky. The best time to visit the jungle is from June to October. The freshness of waterfalls will take away all your stress. Stretch your arms and breathe in the clean air to purify your lungs.

However you might visit the area during dry season. This is the season when waterfalls get dry and you get great challenges in terms of climbing the mountains. Rock climbers from US and Canada find their fun on Mezcala Island If you are not an expert rock climber, you should hire an expert rock climber to ensure that you are not involving in any kind of accidents.

If you are looking for aquatic adventure, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing. Beaches in Mezcala Island are secluded and unexplored. Therefore, once you dive into the water, you will find untouched marine beauty. Also, more and more Americans and Canadians are choosing Lake Chapala as their retirement destination because of clean and beautiful ambience which is well complimented by great variety of water sports and eco touristic pursuits.

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