Mexico Vacations – Bargain Numero Uno

“Mexico is, ‘Bargain numero uno.’ At least, that’s what the not-so-shabby folks at Fortune Magazine have decided. This was quoted in a recent report by International Living, itself a publication that has for years tracked such things.

Low-Cost Mexico Vacations

There certainly is plenty of evidence for making such a claim. The cost of living South of the Border is apparently about two-thirds less than for North America – U.S. and Canada – which in these stressful and bargain-hungry times, sounds pretty darned good.

Even cheaper than Mexico travel is the Mexico auto insurance you’ll need if you plan on driving at any time. Mexican Insurance Store Mexican Auto Insurance specialists who know how to save you a few pesos and still provide quality insurance for Mexico. Quoted costs are almost unbelievable, they sound so good. You may obtain government-subsidized health care, which is not regarded as primitive, for under $300 – A YEAR. That’s WITH all your prescription medications. It’s enough to make a person weep –and head straight for the Visa office. This is why many people are looking for a more permanent living arrangement with our friendly Mexico neighbor.

Give Yourself a Peace of Mind with Mexico Auto Insurance

Car insurance? Don’t let go of your hanky. You’ll be needing it to wipe away more tears – try getting your mind around the notion of less than $50 a month. It is a very small amount to have peace of mind during your Mexican vacation.

Hey, if you lived in Mexico, you’d be home by now, as those billboards say. And you’d be able to afford a staff that could hand you plenty of hankies and freshly laundered and iron (no starch), to wipe your eyes with. But of course, you’d be weeping tears of joy, sounds like…while you admired the latest beautiful sunset, stretched out on a pristine white undiscovered beach somewhere on Mexico’s ample and inviting coast…

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