Mexico Vacation Tipping Guidelines : Gracias!

Giving tips in Mexico.

Most people know to tip their server but did you know there are other times when tipping is appropriate? In Mexico, this is especially important, as many Mexican workers make only a few pesos an hour and rely on tips to help supplement their incomes. Depending on the type and quality of the services received, tips can range anywhere from a few pesos to a percentage of the overall bill. When tipping, always remember to tip in the worker’s local currency, as exchange fees can be avoided and the employee can keep all of his/her hard-earned tip.

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Upon arrival at the airport, tips can be given to taxi drivers and baggage loaders. While this is completely optional, more commonly given tips occur when patronizing hotel services. Bellmen unload luggage and transport it to your hotel room, housekeepers perform daily cleaning services and room service employees, making a meal delivery, are some of the most common hotel employees to receive tips.

Other hotel services may or may not be utilized and tips can be given based on a guest’s preference. In-room childcare providers, spa service personnel, private recreational tutors (such as a personal Golf Pro) and other one-on-one service providers are all great candidates for tipping.   Out in town, travel guides, taxi drivers, tour group facilitators, waiters/waitresses, and other service personnel can be tipped. If needing to know the proper amount to tip, be sure to tip the amount you feel comfortable tipping.

Most of the time, tips can range from 10- 20% of a total bill. The amount will be based on how attentive the employee was, the quality of the work performed and overall guest satisfaction. Having an understanding of current conversion rates will help guests choose the right amount they feel comfortable tipping while leaving a fair tip. If tipping daily is a concern, remember it is perfectly acceptable to tip some employees at the end of your stay; particularly those who perform guest-related services on a daily basis.
Mexico Vacation Tipping Guidelines : Gracias!

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