Mexico Travel Vacations for Single Parents and Mexican Insurance

Mexico Travel Vacations for Single Parents and Mexican Insurance

Visiting Mexico as a single parent provides great opportunities for parents to bond with their children while experiencing a variety of family-friendly activities. One of the best ways for single parents to balance having grown-up time with quality time spent with their children is to take a Mexican cruise. Cruises have multiple activities designed for children, adults and families. If traveling by air or car, Mexico has many scenic and historic locations perfect for exploring. When driving, Mexico travel experts strongly suggest you buy quality Mexican insurance online before your travel begins.

Kids can experience crafts, outdoor entertainment and indoor movies while parents can relax at the ship’s spa, enjoy an evening out at the ship’s disco or relax by the pool. Since many of the activities are already included in the price of the cruise, onboard childcare is usually free. This tremendous savings allows parents to afford a longer cruise or take advantage of many off-ship excursions.

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Whether touring a older church, local animal park, or the ruins of the Aztec or Maya, Mexico allows parents to plan activities based on children’s’ age groups and preferences. Parents who enjoy outdoor activities may wish to consider beachcombing, boat tours, bicycle rentals and dolphin swims as family activities while parents who prefer indoor activities like movie watching, museum tours, souvenir shopping and artesian studio tours will find these types of activities appealing. Regardless of activity, after a long day, parents and children can return to their rooms for dining, kids’ club activities and poolside swims.

When making reservations for any type of packaged vacation, single parents traveling to Mexico as the only parent need to clarify there will only be one adult in the party. Since most family packages are quoted for two adults, clarifying travelers’ ages may help save money since the extra adult’s tickets and other travel-related expenses are not needed. Most importantly, after securing reservations, parents who share joint custody should obtain a notarized letter stating permission from the other parent to bring the shared children on a Mexican vacation, or if awarded sole custody, a legal statement showing this judgment. Because some parents may try to take their children out of the country illegally, having this documentation will prevent any travel complications.

Mexico Travel Vacations for Single Parents and Mexican Insurance

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