Sightseeing, enjoying a nap on a sunny beach, watching a Mexican
soccer game; did you ever wonder how is it all possible in such a short
amount of time? In order to get the most out of your vacation, just as
important as planning what time of year is best to visit, it is also
important to plan when to see and do everything. While rain delays,
illness and other factors can hinder even the best planned itinerary,
being able to complete must-sees is possible by budgeting travel time
and planning visits wisely.

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It is best to schedule sightseeing tours during the week. Crowds
will be smaller; especially in border towns or cities that are within
an hour or two’s flight from the States, as many people come to Mexico
for a quick weekend getaway or three day weekend.

Available weekend time is best spent mixing with local people and
appreciating all of the “non-touristy” aspects of the city. To enjoy
this fun, most festivals, unless official calendar dates, are held
during the weekend (Friday – Monday) and typically last three or four
days. Highlights of weekend festivals include diverse food offerings
and local music.

While there is typical, Mexican mariachi-style music,
genres vary based on location. Older, most established cities offer
traditional music while newer cities, those with many younger
inhabitants or multi-ethnic groups may have Mexican rock bands playing
or music representing different nationalities, as large concentrations
of Caribbean, Chinese, Portuguese and other ethnic groups have settled
throughout Mexico.

If relying on transportation to reach sites of interest, venture
out during weekdays due to the number of roads closed and alive with
non-stop weekend block party entertainment. Once at these festivals,
eating is an interesting experience. Food is not stationary but is
wheeled around in carts; tantalizing prospective buyers with various
aromas. Traditional Mexican food, common to what is served in Mexico’s
open-air markets is abundant and thanks to the low overhead costs
involved, is priced right.

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