Mexico Travel: Pack Light and Pack Right!

Packing light for travel.

These days, more than ever, it pays to be prepared-you dont want to forfeit any of your precious vacation time due to poor planning and that especially holds true for what you pack. Start by knowing the rules so you can get through airport security or cross the border driving your vehicle without a hitch, and take what you need as well as want appropriate to the season youll be encountering in Mexico.

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In other words, be prepared for rain if you travel between late July through September or October, and for cold in winter (October through February) and in higher altitudes (like mountains, and Mexico City). Even in resorts where bathing suits rule, the evenings can be chilly. Do bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (heed those TSA rules about liquids, etc.), something for itchy bug bites, an analgesic, and something to settle your stomach (although its typically not hard to find a decent local doctor or pharmacy if needed).
Think comfortable shoes, thin materials that dry easily and resist wrinkling besides not taking up much space, and remember that some places require a little more modesty than just a bikini or shorts – long sleeves, long pants for men, and a skirt thats not scandalous for women (a scarf can come in handy, too, and wont add much to packed volume or weight). And bring the camera!

A little judicious planning in your packing will go a long way towards making your travel in Mexico all that you hoped for and more, and pays dividends in comfort and ease, well beyond the time and thought invested beforehand. Being prepared means being selective, and that means bringing the right selections to suit the climate and culture of your destination. Packing right sounds a little tedious, but its one of the keys to unlocking enjoyment in your travels. Mexico Travel Ideas: Pack Light and Pack Right! And remember to bring your passport if you are driving in Mexico.

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