Mexico Travel: Keeping Your Home Safe While Visiting Mexico!

CCTV view of burglar breaking in to home through window with crowbar.

One of the most valuable investments in a persons life, a home requires extra protection while its occupants are away. While criminals can cause tremendous damage to a home and its contents, an unexpected storm, burst pipes and other unforeseen events can also ruin a person’s refuge.

Before traveling, homes should undergo a thorough inspection to ensure any immediate maintenance issues are addressed. A qualified home inspector can check all areas of a home and make recommendations, and if youre want to do the inspection yourself there are plenty of resources online to help you with your “to do” list.

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A trusted neighbor should be notified of your upcoming absence. Neighbors can also assist with tasks like mail and newspaper collection, trash can set-up and removal and property surveillance. Depending on comfort level, house keys can also be issued for interior property inspections.

Additionally, all insurances (flood, home, car, etc) should be current, or if needed to be purchased. Accidents happen whether youre home or not, and insurance guarantees your property and its valuables against any unforeseen mishaps.

This goes without saying (but well include it anyway), make sure your pets are taken care of by leaving them with a trusted friend, and/or at a boarding house for animals. Unfortunately, animals left alone can become stressed and filled with anxiety at the absence of their family. In addition, leaving it to your pet to care for themselves is irresponsible. Extended stays, plane delays, and other “travel” foopahs, can easily occur, and pets are typically not equipped to handle anything lasting more than 24 hours.

Before leaving, inspect all outdoor lighting. Make sure all bulbs and light fixtures are working properly and set timers from dusk until dawn. Hedges should be trimmed and blinds should be drawn. While optional, travelers with a monitored security system may wish to contact their provider and notify them of their expected absence. Furthermore, security providers may be contacted to provide an alternative telephone number, since it is likely your cell phone will not be functional in Mexico. Mexico Travel: Keeping Your Home Safe While Visiting Mexico!

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