Mexico Travel Emergencies: Ending Your Mexican Vacation Early!

Whether it is due to an illness of yourself or another member of your travel party, death of a family member or personal emergency back home, sometimes it may be necessary to end a Mexican vacation early and head back home. For travelers who have purchased a comprehensive type of travel insurance, there should be no problem seeking assistance with these matters; however, not all travelers purchase this type of insurance. Due to many hotel and airline policies, forfeiture of one night’s hotel fees may occur, or in the case of airlines, additional charges to change the reservation may be imposed.

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Travelers already dealing with the stress of a personal emergency may not immediately mind losing this additional money but surprisingly, if needing to check out early or change airline reservations, with a little persistence and just a few minutes spent speaking to management, most businesses can be accommodating to these types of events.

Ending your stay early at a hotel early can usually cost the base rate minus any taxes and fees. Asking to speak with management and explaining your personal situation may help avoid losing this money. In most cases, some hotels will go above and beyond what is needed to assist your getting home; often times enlisting the concierge department to help with transportation changes, rides to the airport, shipping any goods home and other needed services. Always try to get the charge’s forgiveness in writing and be sure to get the manager’s name. Make sure the correct billed amount is reflected in your final statement before checking out, as it is more difficult to get the promised amount forgiven taken off a charge once it has been billed; especially since the location is not a local business.

Changing airline reservations may be a more difficult task. There may be a small fee involved to change reservations but if quoted a few hundred dollars to return home, and after explaining your emergency, ask to speak with a supervisor. Keep going up the chain of command until you have been satisfied. Always remember though, since this is a last-minute event, if traveling with a party there may not be enough seats for your entire party to return home on the same flight.

Most of the time, airlines will be accommodating to your travel emergency; however, since a last-minute plane change is very spontaneous, there may not be enough seats for everyone. Have an open mind and be willing to travel in shifts if necessary; remembering the reason for leaving early. You may be able to return home first and help assist your situation while waiting for the rest of your travel party. Travel Emergencies: Ending Your Mexican Vacation Early!

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