Mexico : The New Land of Enchantment!

Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato, Mexico.

We all know that “New Mexico” is referred to as the Land of Enchantment. However, your travel experts are also convinced that, The Land of Enchantment could also be Mexico, too – Seas and Beaches of Enchantment, volcanoes of enchantment, mountains upon mountains of enchantment. And whole bunches of neat stuff to see and explore. Mexico is HUGE, and overflowing with variety and enchantment can be found in location after location.

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In addition to Mexicos many, many well-known hotspots and byways, which afford endless choices  no matter what your taste or appetite, informed sources say there are still many lesser-known and relatively undiscovered and untraveled  hideaways and treasures among Mexico’s extensive coast and highlands: secluded beaches… hidden lagoons … underground lakes… flamingos…sleepy colonial towns that are rich in history and local color and charm…and much, much more.

Mexico has been credited by the late great Jacques Cousteau with being one of the five best dive spots on earth. Of course, maybe you aren’t interested in exploring sunken Spanish galleons or swimming with hundreds of colorful fish.

Maybe youd rather journey to the Colonial highlands, where it’s pretty much always spring. Maybe you’d rather not explore underwater, but would prefer poking around in Mayan ruins, more of which seem to be discovered all the time. Or the rainforest.

Or whatever, because whatever it is that appeals to you – can surely be found somewhere in Mexico. It’s that good. Mexico : The New Land of Enchantment!

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