Mexico Restaurant Menu Interpretation!

Menu Card.

Dining out in an authentic Mexican restaurant is one experience travelers should always pursue. Different from a hotels fine dining establishment, local eateries may have Spanish-language only menus. While some servers may speak English, particularly if the restaurant is located in a popular tourist area, being able to understand presented menu options without assistance provides travelers with a sense of independence and is a way to learn about Mexican culture before arrival.

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Beverages are very important to Mexican people; particularly those that are fruit-based. Since many of these are grown and pressed locally, expect to see many varieties of fruit juices on a menu. Juice will be more traditional flavors travelers are familiar with or can be more exotic ones using local fruits. Some traditional beverages found on Mexican menus include:

Coffee Рcafé
Tea – te
Milk – leche
Wine – vino
Beef- cerveza
Soda – refresco
Bottled water – agua sin gas
Juice – jugo (apple – manzana), (orange – naranja)

Appetizers like fruit plates and salads are plentiful. “Ensalada” will always be a salad and “fruta” will be fruit. For a cheese accompaniment with your fruit, look for a fruit and cheese plate, “fruta y queso”.

Meats will vary based on location, with inland locations serving more range/farm meats and coastal areas serving more seafood. In order to decipher the used meat in a given item, some of the most popular choices are:

Fish- pescado
Shellfish – mariscos
Shrimp – camarones
Chicken – pollo
Pork – puerco
Beef – res
Ham – jamon
Mixed meats – carne (also a general term used to not specify any type of meat)

To hold anything on an order, use the word “sin” in front of the item you would like eliminated. If unsure regarding the item’s pronunciation, travelers can always point to the item and either order it as presented or ask for that item to be left off their order. Mexico Restaurant Menu Interpretation!

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