Mexico Pre-Vacation Medical Evaluations!

Along with packing, confirming reservations and planning itineraries, most people forget to prepare themselves physically for a Mexican vacation. Travelers, especially those desiring a lengthy trip, should make an appointment with their doctors to discuss vacation destinations and activity plans. Even if just visiting for the weekend, it is advisable to receive a consultation, as some vacation plans may require modification.

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If having a fear of flying, a heart condition, are currently pregnant or have some other type of medical condition, your doctor needs to be aware of all travel and transportation plans. Those taking flights or traveling in a boat may have heightened sensitivities with many medical conditions and your doctor can advise you regarding medical and non-medical symptom alleviation options. Likewise, if currently on any medications, there are many that may interfere or limit some travel activities; especially those medications where sun exposure must be avoided.

Depending on the results from your consultation, your doctor may recommend polio, diphtheria, tetanus and typhoid immunizations or boosters. For travelers who already know jungle-like conditions will be part of their vacation plans, be sure to tell your doctor of the location’s conditions. You may be prescribed an anti-malarial medication and receive instruction regarding the signs and symptoms involved with a malarial illness.

While most travelers prefer the comforts of chain hotels or family operated haciendas, those preparing to camp in Mexico’s national parks, rainforests or swamp-like areas may require additional vaccinations. In addition to anti-malarial medications, a vaccination preventing a Hepatitis A infection may be recommended.

For travelers without insurance or those whose insurance may not cover these required immunizations and medications, be sure to build this expense into your travel budget. Don’t skimp on pre-departure healthcare and vaccinations. Mexico is a relatively safe country; however some of the illnesses that affect travelers are one-hundred percent preventable. Mexico Pre-Vacation Medical Evaluations!

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