Mexico Island Retreats!

Sandy beach on Cozumel Island, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Islands in Mexico are world famous for their white sand, assortment of different shades of waters, unexplored surroundings, secluded ambience and breathtaking natural beauty. Canadian and American travelers love to spend their vacation in Mexican islands as they get ample of opportunities to relax and bask under the sun.

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Mexico Island Retreats!

You can lose the chaos of city life while catching fish and enjoying the thrilling excitement of water sports. Easy going and laid back atmosphere will allow you to feel the natural retreat. Besides, beach life and aquatic activities, Mexican islands offer great diversity of traditions, culture, history and archeology.

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres literally means Island of Women. The small island ahs everything that assist you in getting rid of the mayhem of hustle bustle of big cities. Divers from Canada and US visit the island to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving and to peep into diverse marine life. If you love birds then Contoy Island in Isla Mujeres is for you. The island is a bird sanctuary where you will come across large colonies of wild frigates. Beautiful natural surroundings will make the bird watching activity full of soothing experiences. Daily excursions are available however, you must confirm your name beforehand because only limited visitors allowed. Isla Mujeres is also famous for its Dolphin Discovery educational program. Anyone and everyone can be a part of this safe program. Even if you don’t know swimming professional lifeguards and life jackets allow you to dive into the waters and spend quality time with friendly dolphins.


Are you looking pristine and romantic destination for your honeymoon? Holbox is one of the most romantic islands in Mexico where you can relax while enjoying the tranquility of nature. While strolling on the white sand with your soul mate, you will find different colors of waters complimenting the nature’s color on the sky. In the morning, you will find fresh breeze caressing your face and the panoramic view of sunset offers the most romantic environment you have ever seen. For cozy evening, Canadian and American lovebirds always prefer Passion Island. Visit the small and secluded island and get away from the outside world to strengthen your bond.

Espiritu Santo

One of the most beautiful islands in the Sea of Cortez is Espiritu Santo. The most famous beach in the island is Candelero Bay. Calm and unexplored beach has cascade of mountains on its one side. While spending your holiday on the beach, you would not find much of noise. The peaceful ambience gets the symphony of waves crashing at the base of the mountains.

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