Mexico Insurance Rates and Using a Cell Phone in Mexico!

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<b>Using a Cell Phone in Mexico</b>

<p>Before you head south of the border with your cell phone, you should take the time to figure out whether it’s worth it to pay for international service. People who randomly cross into Mexico and continue using their phones often run into several problems. For one thing, most phones won’t work unless they are specifically activated for international roaming. For another, activated phones sometimes amass outrageous charges due to data roaming, voice mail forwarding and other things. You would probably like to avoid these kinds of headaches, so you should educate yourself about using cell phones in Mexico; the following advice can help. Mexico Insurance Rates and Using a Cell Phone in Mexico!</p>

<b>Which Carrier is the Best?</b>

<p>There’s a lot of debate out there about which cell phone carrier provides the most reliable and extensive coverage down in Mexico. If staying connected no matter where you go is your chief concern, you should probably stick with AT&T or T-Mobile. While other major carriers like Sprint and Verizon offer service in Mexico, it tends to be a lot less extensive. If you are going to drive all over the country, you might as well stick with a phone that will work throughout the duration of your trip.</p>

<b>How Much will it Cost?</b>

<p>For many people, pricing is the top concern when it comes to using a cell phone in Mexico. This is where you really need to do your research and read all of the fine print. Different carriers have different plans, features, options and prices for international roaming. No matter what you do, you are going to have to pay for international roaming charges. Those charges can vary from $0.60 to $1.50 per minute. If you only want to have a usable phone in case of emergencies, however, these fees shouldn’t hit your wallet too hard. Keep in mind that a flat fee is usually also charged upon activation of the service.

<b>Activating International Roaming</b>

<p>Your phone isn’t going to automatically start roaming internationally when you cross the border. That’s actually a good thing; if it did, many people would be caught completely unaware. You need to specifically activate international roaming and authorize the flat fee that goes along with it. There are a few other things that you should also keep in mind. Even if you turn off your phone, you will be subject to international roaming charges for messages that are delivered to your voice mail box. You can avoid this issue – and the exorbitant fees that go along with it – by activating unconditional call forwarding. Don’t make any assumptions, though; always contact your wireless carrier before you head south of the border. It is the single best way to avoid any unpleasant surprises while you are down in Mexico.</p>

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