Mexico Insurance; No Get Out Of Jail Free Card In Mexico?

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Senor Mex says: There are a lot of great points in this post! However, I do have to point out that there are no actual laws on the books in Mexico regarding the purchasing of Mexico Insurance for accidents. Many people think that’s the case because, well, going with Mexico insurance is such an incredibly bad idea. Thanks to all of the horror stories – factual ones! – regarding people landing behind bars due to driving around uninsured, the misconception that the law requires Mexico insurance has gradually developed over time. Im not pointing this out to be contradictory; I just like to make sure that everyone is aware of the actual laws and what their responsibilities are. Mexican insurance may not technically be required by law; for all intents and purposes, however, it sure beats having to pay cash for damages or writing a personal check because there is no get out of jail free card. Does that make sense? Hope so!

“In Mexico, the law states that you need to have financial responsibility for an auto accident, even if you are not the responsible party. This means that you must have the amount of money needed to cover the auto damage on the other vehicle. Since most people dont carry this kind of money around with them, Mexican auto insurance is your only option.”

Read the entire Mexican-Insurance-for-All-Travelers-to-Mexico  article. Always buy high-quality Mexican insurance from Online Mexican Insurance Store before heading down to Mexico – it is the only way to avoid any serious trouble while you are south of the border!

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