Mexico Insurance is Necessary – No Exceptions!

Its normal to want to spend as little money as possible, especially when it comes to traveling. Even if you are being as frugal as possible, you’re going to have to spend a decent amount of cash to stay in a hotel. Tha’s true even if you stick with budget accommodations. To save cash, you may be thinking about driving down to Mexico. That’s a smart move, but you shouldn’t even consider it without buying Mexico insurance. Unfortunately, many websites have bad advice about buying Mexican car insurance; some say that it’s not that important, and others tell you to just buy it at the border. Learn the truth about this type of coverage below.

Everyone Needs Mexican Insurance Auto Liability Coverage !

It doesn’t matter whether youre driving to the tip of the Baja peninsula or just darting across the border for a few hours – you need to buy Mexico insurance auto liability coverage. Without it, you open yourself up to all kinds of serious trouble. Most notably, you could be put in jail until the cops sort everything out after an accident. It’s different in Mexico than it is in the States, and you wont be able to have anyone bail you out until the authorities are good and ready.

Driving without Coverage isnt Worth the Risk

You may like to gamble, but driving without Mexican Car insurance presents many very serious risks. If you’re happy to put your entire vacation on the line, go ahead and drive around without coverage. Its true: If you are in an accident and arent insured, your vacation will be ruined. If you have coverage, the police will take your information and you will be able to move on with your life. The small amount of money that you will save by not investing in this coverage simply isn’t worth the very serious consequences that can ensue.

Don’t Buy it at the Border

Finally, anyone who tells you that it’s best to buy Mexico insurance at the border is wrong. It may seem convenient, because it is on the way down to wherever you are going. However, it involves waiting even longer at the border. It also means being backed into a corner in terms of price – you won’t be able to compare and contrast policies. Finally, people get ripped off at the shacks at the border all the time. You wont be able to confirm whether or not your policy is legitimate unless you get into an accident. By that time, of course, it will be far too late.

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