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Mexico insurance from – Wintering with an RV in Mexico

An RV can be great for travel in Mexico because it gives you mobility and flexibility. Wintering in an RV is possible, but you do want to be sure that your vehicle is equipped for cold weather and offers you the comfort you will need to enjoy the country during this time. Contrary to popular belief, the nation isn’t all heat and sunshine, and your destination could play a major role in your decision to live in your RV or rent a home. If you drive your RV, you do need to be covered with Mexico insurance from for the duration of your stay. If your stay will exceed three weeks, your best value will be found with long-term Mexico auto insurance.

Staying in One Place or Roaming?

If you will be staying in one place, you may be tempted to use just a short-term Mexico insurance from to use as you drive down. However, you need to remember that some accidents and incidents can occur when you aren’t driving. In these cases, a lack of Mexico auto insurance online for your RV could be a costly mistake. Possibilities include theft, vandalism, storm damage or accidents involving an uninsured vehicle crashing into your parked RV. While some of these issues might seem unlikely, others may be more likely than you imagine. Technically, you are supposed to maintain your Mexico insurance from for the duration of the vehicle’s time in Mexico.

If you will be staying in one location, you may be considering bringing a car in tow for getting around in the community. Remember that towing without adding that extra car to your primary Mexico insurance from could nullify your entire policy. Additionally, you need to realize that the extra vehicle needs its own Mexico auto insurance online for being operated in Mexico. Unlike your typical policy back home, you need a separate policy for each vehicle to be driven in the country.

If you will be traveling at length during your winter in Mexico, it will be important to review liability limits for each state you plan to visit. Because these limits can be higher in some states due to higher death benefits for survivors of a decedent killed in an accident, you need to make sure that you have sufficient coverage for the most expensive state you will visit.

Mexico insurance from comes with FREE Roadside and no additional fees.

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