Mexico insurance from – Can I Buy Property in Mexico?

Mexico insurance from

Secluded Beach Bungalows For Sale, Rent or Vacation Rental in Mexico


Mexico insurance from – Can I Buy Property in Mexico?

If you’ve fallen in love with a community in Mexico, you may wonder about the possibility of buying a home or a property on which to build. While many foreigners do construct or locate vacation homes, they technically are typically unable to actually own the property in certain restricted zones. These often include beachfront locations, but a type of trust can be established in which a bank acts on a foreigner’s behalf. For the individual who will continue to use such a property occasionally, Mexico insurance from would continue to be appropriate. An individual who imports a vehicle in connection with permanent relocation would need an alternative type of Mexican insurance for cars.

Finding Land

You could come across a lot of land for sale signs but expect pricing in premium locations to carry a higher price tag, especially in active resort communities. More rural settings may provide more affordable property prices. It is important to work with reputable real estate professionals and attorneys to ensure that terms are clearly understood. You don’t want to be faced with an unexpected dispute after you’ve invested significant funds in constructing or improving a location. Just remember Mexican insurance for cars is mandatory to meet the new Federal 502 laws.

Considering the Community

A community that is charming during vacation may not be quite as charming as you permanently reside there. Consider a long-term rental to be sure that you actually like the area on a daily basis. Get familiar with utilities and issues such as managing drinking water needs. Get to know neighborhood activities such as garbage collection, propane delivery, and vendor activity. Evaluate seasonal conditions so that you know whether you can deal with summer heat or winter low temperatures. You may need to adapt to limited grocery stores and services in more rural communities, and a long stay can give you time to assess the options.

Your vehicle will be covered by Mexico insurance from during this time, and a stay of longer than three weeks should involve long-term Mexican insurance for the best value. Until you transition to Mexican plates, you can continue with Mexico insurance from

Potential Changes in the Law

In the past year, there has been discussion among Mexican lawmakers about lifting the restrictions on foreign ownership of properties in border and beach zones with approval in the lower house of the nation’s congress. Watch for developments as the issue continues to be debated.

Mexico insurance from comes with FREE Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico.

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