Mexico insurance for tourists – The Journey or the Destination, Which Matters Most?

Mexico insurance for tourists

Baja, Mexico Beaches

Mexico insurance for tourists – The Journey or the Destination, Which Matters Most?

Your visit to Mexico can be as laid back or as rushed as you allow it to be. Although there are areas that are muy recio, harsh, there are also charming little ejidos and colonias that offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can focus on taking your time to experience the culture. In either setting, Mexico insurance for tourists is a must. Driving without appropriate Mexican insurance for Baja can land you in a very harsh setting, a Mexican jail.

Afternoon Driving Can Be an Adventure

Actually, a full day of driving in locations like Baja can be breathtaking and enjoyable. After moving beyond the craze of Tijuana traffic, you can breathe easier as you set out along Mexican Highway 1 to view the Pacific Ocean in all of its splendor. Early travel can include scattered patches of fog, so it is important to be watchful. These patches often burn away by mid-morning. Beyond Ensenada, the highway juts inland just a bit, but there are picturesque views of mountains and agricultural areas as you go. Beyond San Quintín, you will again see the ocean, at which point you may be winding up a day’s drive.

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance for tourists is required in order to drive legally on any Federal highway in Mexico including the use of toll roads.

Don’t just drive straight through without stopping to enjoy some of the great food on the way. From taco stands to paleterías, there are plenty of wonderful spots to enjoy savory cuisine and some lively banter. You can practice your Spanish or learn a bit if you don’t yet speak any. You can also inquire about area attractions. You may want to venture on to spots like the Lobera, a massive sink hole that provides a secluded resting spot for sea lions.

As you consider off-road local spots, it is important to keep your Mexico insurance for tourists in mind. Accidents in off-road settings aren’t covered, and such incidents can lead to the nullification of your Mexican insurance for Baja. Be sure that you are driving on conventional roads as you explore. Although it may be tempting to head off on a back-road adventure, your access to help can be difficult if you aren’t traveling with others. Mexico insurance for tourists does provide for emergency assistance on the road in case of a breakdown as you travel conventional highways and streets.

Mexico insurance for tourists from comes with Roadside Assistance throughout Mexico

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  • I can have many adventures in Mexico together with my family. The last time we were in Mexico, I appreciated the great assistance delivered to us by Mexico insurance. Whether it’s for destination or journey, what matters most is the protection we get through our policy.

  • Jayne Staggs
    April 21, 2015 5:31 pm

    Nothing can be more scary than being arrested because your car isn’t insured. You really lose everything for not complying with the Mexican law. Don’t take any risk and assume that authorities cannot seize you if you have no insurance. Buy your Mexican insurance online for a safe trip.

  • Laurinda Bolland
    May 20, 2015 5:56 pm

    Whether it’s a journey or the destination, you always need Mexico insurance while driving to Mexico. You can never know precisely when and where you’ll need your insurance most. For risky roads and driving, having your car insurance really matters.

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