Mexico Insurance Coverage Is Mandatory in Mexico!

It is mandatory that all drivers regardless of whether they are locals or tourists have government approved Mexico insurance coverage  for their vehicles. But there are very few who really understand the real purpose of purchasing Mexico insurance coverage. Some believe it to be a complex process and therefore try to purchase better US auto insurance, not realizing that Mexican law demands special car insurance for Mexico for driving within the country. Quality Mexico insurance coverage meets Mexico “financial responsibility” laws, just make sure your car insurance for Mexico liability limits are adequate. Car insurance for Mexico can be purchased online without much of a complication and customers can gather all necessary information easily.

Since the Mexican laws are notably different from the ones in the US and Canada, Mexico insists on Mexico insurance coverage proof and car insurance for Mexico, purchased from approved companies within the country while driving there. Many booths and shacks offering Mexico insurance coverage are located near the Mexican and American border, but the most reliable method is to purchase online. Based on many variables, all providers offer different rates. As such some auto insurance is valid for specific areas alone; which might makes sense for those not planning to travel very far, however some providers like Mexican Insurance include all of Mexico for no additional premium.

Medical payments protection is included with some car insurance for Mexico policies which foot the bill for medical costs incurred to an injured passenger or driver. Full coverage will also compensate the buyer for physical damage to his or her vehicle caused due to collision damage, theft, fire and animals. Deductibles, if any depend on what program you have chosen.

Find more about car insurance for Mexico compensation and by browsing through Mexican Insurance frequently asked questions.

Mexico insurance coverage by Mexican Insurance comes with FREE Roadside Assistance


Mexico Insurance Coverage

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