Mexico Insurance Claims Filings Rules You Should Know!


Senor Mex Says: Thanks for the informative post! There are many really good points here. The point about filing claims while in Mexico is especially spot-on. All too often, people put off filing their Mexico insurance claims until they are back on U.S. or Canadian soil; by that time, its generally too late. Every insurance policy is different, of course – when buying a policy, you should always read the fine print, but its pretty much universal. Nobody plans on having a car accident while they are in Mexico, but its critical to know what to do when one happens. Assuming that you can take care of your Mexico insurance claim after you get home is really foolish. As annoying as it may be to interrupt your trip with the situation, its far better than finding out that you owe boatloads of money. Handle things the right way to avoid serious trouble and hassle.

All News Hype Excerpt:

” If you need to file a claim for any reason, be sure to file the claim in Mexico! In the unfortunate event of a Theft or Collision, it is important to call the number on your policy, so an adjuster can come to the scene and make a report. Returning to the U.S. without the adjuster’s report will void coverage.”

All News Hype post. Dont be left in the dark while you are down in Mexico; always buy review compare and buy high-quality Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store before you leave home.

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