Mexico insurance by and Wedding Planning

Spring proposals often lead to summer weddings, but on short notice, you may think that your destination wedding dreams aren’t possible. However, buying Mexico insurance by is a good start as you begin plan your event. You may want to start with a short list of close-to-the-border sites and a good Mexican auto insurance from as you prepare for the big day.

Mexican wedding basics

You should be aware that ceremonial weddings in Mexico are just that. A religious ceremony generally follows a civil event involving just the bride, groom and a couple of witnesses. You may need some time for blood tests and paperwork to be completed, making a spot near the border sensible from a logistical perspective. It may be wise to work with a wedding coordinator in Mexico to be sure that these details are covered without confusion, especially since official business in Mexico is generally handled in Spanish.

In addition to Mexico insurance by, you also need a passport to travel into and out of Mexico as you prepare. This will also be needed for a civil wedding. Additionally, you will need a tourist visa, available close to the border. Your foreign birth certificate is needed, and the document should carry an apostille from the issuing state as well. If either of you is divorced or widowed, copies of decrees or death certificates may be required. Timing may be important if either of these events was recent as some states require a waiting period between a divorce and remarriage. Just remember to buy Mexican auto insurance from, since it is required on all toll roads.

Avoid the red tape with Mexico insurance by

Wedding coordinators can streamline the process by handling the red tape and scheduling your appointments and appearances. Additionally, they can help you in locating affordable and beautiful wedding sites and related services.


If your goal is a great gathering with friends and family, you may want to consider an alternative by holding a small ceremony at home and planning a big reception in Mexico. There are many beaches within just a few hours of the border, providing you with great scenic options. You can look at resorts in Rosarito, Ensenada or Rocky Point for a scenic and easily accessible event.

Don’t drive across the border without Mexico insurance by!

You may be excited, but don’t let details like your Mexican auto insurance from slip. In addition to selecting Mexico insurance by for your own driving, you will need to remind your wedding guests and party to select their own Mexican auto insurance from for safe travel in Mexico.

Mexico insurance by gives you peace of mind!

Mexico insurance by

Wedding Ceremony, Cancun


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  • Terrance Santo
    May 8, 2014 3:55 pm

    Although Mexico has several luxurious spots for wedding ceremonies yet you need to plan everything up before heading this place. It’s preferable to get Mexico insurance so that guests and closed members of the family can easily reach at the designated place getting accurate guidance from helpline.

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