Mexico Insurance by – Hidden Hotel Discounts

Mexico Insurance by

Mexico Hotel Discount

Mexico Insurance by – Hidden Hotel Discounts

By now, most frequent travelers know that visiting during the off-season and using membership discounts can help save money on hotel costs. However, when traveling to Mexico, there are some unannounced ways to save on hotels available to all vacationers. In order to get these discounts, a little Internet research may be required but in the end, can cut the cost of lodging stays in half.

Remember if you are driving in Mexico on vacation purchase quality Mexico insurance by US and Canadian issued car insurance policies are invalid and won’t protect you. For more information about Mexican insurance through visit Mexican Insurance Store insurance for Mexico. Mexico Insurance by – Hidden Hotel Discounts is now required in order to drive on any highway in Mexico.

First, you will need to find your destination’s average temperatures during your intended travel time. If the area you would like to visit is windy and the temperatures mild, you may wish to skip a large chain hotel and stay at a smaller apartment, hacienda, timeshare or villa. Choosing one without expensive amenities like air conditioning can help travelers enjoy a lower cost room. Moreover, many of these rooms have ceiling fans or large, opening windows to allow constant airflow.

Next, examine your hotel’s payment policy. Try to book a hotel that does not accept credit cards. While this may sound strange, hotels that accept credit cards have to pay the issuing companies approximately 3% of each charge. This loss has to be absorbed somewhere and is usually reflected in a hotel’s room rates.

Booking a hotel away from tourist zones allow for greater rate negotiation. Because tourist areas are filled with people requiring accommodations, a hotel here is less likely to be flexible than one outside of heavily-populated areas. Try booking a room on the outskirts of town, especially if you are renting a car. By having greater lodging choices, you can almost name your own price

Finally, compare overall prices. When looking at rates, be sure you are examining the total cost of the room and not just the actual room’s cost. Parking fees, resort fees, room taxes and other required expenses can make a seemingly low rate double. Budget daily expenses of $5-10 for parking, $10 for a resort fee and 15-20% for room tax. If possible, try to find a no-fee hotel where room tax is build into the quoted price.

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Mexico Insurance by – Hidden Hotel Discounts

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