Mexico Insurance – Best Highway Vocabulary Information and Top Terms to Know

Mexico insurance

Viva Mexico! Road Trippin

 Mexico Insurance Best Highway Vocabulary Information and Top Terms to Know

In Mexico, it is not a surprise to encounter lots of Spanish signs during your travels, especially on the highways. Your Mexico insurance policy is written in English and Spanish so that there are no misunderstandings about terms. After you buy Mexican car insurance online you may want to brush up on important travel vocabulary so that you don’t end up lost or confused as you drive.

Tijuana Highway, Mexico.

Highway Travel Terms

Following are some terms that you may view as you drive on a major highway:

  • Carreterra – this refers to a highway.
  • Salida – this term for exit is useful on the highway or in a movie theater.
  • Velocidad – velocity is a term that introduces you to a simple grammar rule of the Spanish language, namely that nearly all Spanish words ending with -dad are translated to English words that end in -ity.
  • Tope – pay attention to this sign for a speed bump as they can be placed in inconvenient places that are not well-suited to the speeds.
  • Caseta de cuota – toll booths are found on major highways both at the entrances and exits. Your toll, a cuota, is worth your investment as it complements your Mexico insurance.
  • Libre – although you might have a tight travel budget, you should avoid the free road. Libre may seem like a savings, but it could cost you in terms of slow, dangerous travel conditions. Similarly, don’t go the libre route by forgetting to buy Mexican car insurance online.

Understanding Your Mexico insurance

Since your Mexico insurance is printed in English, you have time to review some important facets of the conditions. For example, you might not expect the following:

  • Driver age – all drivers must be at least 21 years old. They must be legally licensed as well.
  • Conventional roads only – your coverage is void in off-road environments.
  • One car, one Mexico insurance policy – your coverage is specific to the vehicle you associate with the policy. You are not covered if you drive another vehicle instead.

Mexico InsuranceBest Highway Vocabulary Information Top Terms to Know

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  • Car accidents are considered in Mexico as criminal offense. No matter how minor accidents are, you need proof of documentation towards authorities. Also, Mexico insurance claims must be reported quickly.

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