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Ensenada makes an ideal wedding destination for the couple interested in charming scenery but close proximity to the United States. Travel can be arranged easily, and Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can be purchased online. You can do the research so that you have all of the pertinent car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance information ready for your guests. You will also want to think about a long-term policy when you buy your own Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store so that you can make preliminary trips to see some of the potential spots for your celebration.

Casa de Los Siete Patios

If you want luxury and convenience, then this destination really delivers. Located close to the entry to Ensenada as you come into town from the toll road, the resort caters to only one group at a time. The estate is nestled into hilly seaside terrain, created with a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. Architectural style includes bright white plaster and mission-style arches. Your ceremony can be staged with a perfect view of the sea. Your wedding coordinator can help with every detail. Your Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store should be selected to cover all of your travel time as Baja Norte mandates coverage for all motorists. While Mexican Highway 1 is pretty easy to drive, a lack of car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance can lead to trouble if you have any type of accident.

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The Punta Morro location is another gorgeous seaside spot for your nuptials. Indoor or outdoor reception planning is possible. Consider grassy surfaces and seaside staging of your ceremony. Gazebo or terrace receptions are possible. There are also private dining areas indoors. Floral and music enhancements are provided along with additional wedding plans. Remind your guests to buy Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store for the entire time of their travels in the country. Web access will allow for logging on and purchasing additional coverage in the event of wanting to stay longer and explore the area. There are many seaside attractions in Ensenada. The nearby wineries provide additional attractions. Meanwhile, you can extend your own car insurance for Mexico from Mexican Insurance if you decide to honeymoon in the region.

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