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Mexico Insurance and Ziplining in Baja

Ziplines have become popular, and they can be found in various parts of Mexico. If you aren’t planning to drive to remote parts of mainland, you can still enjoy the fun of ziplines in Baja. At least one such option is available in Ensenada’s Las Canadas, a little over an hour south of the border. Additionally, several such adventures are available in Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos. Your Mexico insurance won’t cover medical treatment if you have a mishap during your zipline adventure. However, the right insurance for Mexico can be important if you need to cancel your trip after a zipline accident. Do the research to make sure you only select experiences that operate with reasonable safety standards.

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Safety and sensiblity on ziplines

Even United States zipline adventures tend to be limited in regulation, making it important to pay attention to little details that could indicate risky conditions. Helmets, for example, are important. Skip the adventure that doesn’t include helmets. Otherwise, your trip could come to a crashing end because of a traumatic brain injury. Additionally, the number of clips holding you to the zipline might be of importance. More is better, and a two-clip approach provides a safeguard in case one of the clips fails. Body harnesses provide additional protections. In Mexico, you may not have much opportunity to determine how well the courses are inspected. However, you would do well to read some of the tourist reviews to determine whether safety has been emphasized and in what manner.

In addition to equipment concerns, you will want to think about staying hydrated during a summer visit to a zipline course. Some courses have water stations to ensure that participants are able to hydrate at various stops. Some prohibit cameras to minimize distractions and dangers. However, they may offer photo services for those who want keepsakes to remind them of the experience.

Remember to pick up Mexico insurance before crossing the border!

Pro Tip: Mexico insurance is required to use the toll roads.

Your Mexico car insurance should carry enough liability coverage to ensure that you are compliant with the standards in all states that you will visit. If you cause a wreck the results in a fatality, you could face major financial and legal challenges without sufficient coverage.

Mexico insurance comes with Roadside Assistance for peace of mind

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  • Sondra Gosselin
    August 27, 2015 5:58 pm

    Zip lining in Baja is full of fun, a thrilling escapade either with oneself or with a group. It’s a good way to relieve stress and be at peace with yourself and the nature.

  • Leopoldo Swisher
    April 5, 2016 5:53 pm

    With Mexico insurance, you can reach Baja with safety. Ziplining in Baja is the right way to enjoy Baja desert. You can get close to it and fly high—the excellent adventurous activity for everyone.

  • Drive to Baja with Mexican insurance and start the adventure. Flying in a zip line is not as frightening as you think it would be. In fact, it’s filled with fun and thrills along with close friends.

  • Herlinda Gillingham
    April 19, 2017 12:02 am

    You wouldn’t know how important Mexican insurance is until you get into trouble. It’s recommended to buy one—whether it’s cheap or expensive—to get some travel protection.

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