Mexico insurance and Mexico City: A Great Place to Visit!

Blue Hour Cityscape of Guanajuato, Mexico.

For many years, New York City had the unenviable reputation of being a place where tourists were getting jumped and robbed by thugs at every turn. The city has since cleaned up its reputation and tourism has soared. Mexico City is grappling with the same problem, with pollution and crime the two things many people think of when the name of this bustling capital city is mentioned. In reality, it copes with many of the same issues as other massive cities; however, its pollution and crime problems hardly define it. Savvy travelers buy Mexico insurance at Mexican Insurance Store and head on down anyway. You should buy your own Mexican insurance policy and do the same, you will not regret it.

Smashing Stereotypes

After reviewing Mexico car insurance comparisons and driving down, one of the first things youll notice about Mexico City is the smog. Theres no getting around the fact that the city has a cloud of smog that perpetually hangs over it. While pollution in Mexico City is real, its also made more apparent by the citys terrain. Even before there were cars and industrial zones, the city wanted fresh air. Air bottles up in the valley where the city is located, making it look more polluted than it is. By the way, keep your Mexican auto insurance while youre there, but try to stick with going on foot or via public transportation, since driving in the city is a challenge.

What About Crime?

Like any major city, some parts of Mexico City are more dangerous than others. By educating yourself about where the more worrisome parts of the city are, you can stay as safe as possible while youre visiting. Del Valle and Colonia Centro are generally agreed to be two of the most risky places to hang around in while you’re in the city. Iztapalapa also has a very shady reputation, so it is best to be avoided.

Enjoying Your Visit

Can you enjoy a visit to Mexico City despite its pollution and crime? Absolutely! As mentioned above, it is not as if the entire city is blanketed in crime and pollution. Certain neighborhoods or delegaciones are more dangerous than others; smog hovers over the city, but thats just a fact of life. You wont be in the city all that long, so the air pollution shouldnt negatively impact you for the long run. Mexico Citys treasures have value that far outweigh its pollution and various crime issues. Do not pass this place up, it is more than worth a visit! Mexico City: A great place to visit!

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  • Mexico City is a bursting city in a developing country. Challenges of crimes and insecurity are definitely its accompaniment. However, you can minimize risks of these crimes being visited upon you by being extra-vigilant. Know places to visit and places to avoid such as Colonia Centro.

  • Consuela Voelker
    February 5, 2015 5:22 pm

    Traveling in Mexico with my peace of mind is important. This car insurance I bought from Mexican Insurance Store has provided it to me. I got it with instant quote and good policy.

  • Charmaine Mendel
    June 14, 2021 5:39 pm

    I’m complete with all my important papers and I can travel worry-free in Mexico.

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