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Mexican auto insurance – Mexico Hotel Packages: Good idea or bad investment?

As a conscientious Mexican traveler, you have decided on the dates of your trip, the number in your travel party and your intended hotel, but when it comes time to make reservations, you are confused by a random offer of a specially-rated travel package. Seeing how this rate is a sharp increase from a non-packaged nightly rate, but knowing other amenities are included, you wonder if this offer really is a good deal or is it an unnecessary expense. Of course, its important that you make sure to purchase Mexican auto insurance before crossing the border. Mexico car insurance also ensures your safety while driving around Mexico.

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Depending on service needed and itinerary planned, hotel room packages may actually be a wise purchase. Many offer breakfast for two, massages, fine dining or other hotel-hosted services. Travelers planning on spending a lot of time at their hotel or those who plan on taking advantage of the hotel’s paid services (spa, fine dining), a travel package may be a better option.

In order to calculate individual versus packaged prices, add the cost of each item in the package together with the lowest-priced nightly room rate. For example, if daily breakfast for two is $25 and the lowest nightly rate offered is $100; your total investment for that day would be $125. If a room plus daily breakfast is offered at $110mper night, over the course of a five night stay, your actual savings would be $75. Pro Tip: Mexican auto insurance gives you toll road access, so don’t forget to secure Mexico car insurance!

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Make sure to select the package offering services and amenities that will definitely be used. While a massage or round of golf may sound fun, be sure to build this time into your travel plans; otherwise with all Mexico has to offer, you may find yourself running out of time. This way, you can rest assured you are getting the best deal possible while enjoying selected leisure activities. Don’t forget to check rates online before booking travel packages. If your travel dates are flexible, staying mid-week rather than weekend nights may even result in lower packaged rates.

Mexico hotel package advice is important, but its also important you secure Mexican auto insurance ahead of time! Mexico car insurance will protect you from potential harm!

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