Mexico Homestay Programs: A Great Way to Experience Mexican Culture.

Similar to international student exchange programs, Mexico has many homestay opportunities. These welcome singles, couples and families into a Mexican family’s home where participants can experience a week of typical Mexican family life. Homestay guests eat, sleep and work with a host family.

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Many of these programs are located just outside of major cities or in rural areas, as small vineyards, farms and handicraft studios provide a unique, hands-on experience for participants to learn about various occupations while the hospitality provided earns extra income for the host family. In addition to agricultural areas, there are also many homestay programs available in larger cities. Instead of being more farm-based, participants are invited to experience their present or future (children) employment occupations to see how they are performed in Mexico. Teachers are able to tour Mexican schools, doctors are allowed to visit Mexican hospitals and clinics, and rescue personnel can learn how lives are saved in Mexico.

As part of the immersive process, homestay participants are encouraged to speak in Spanish, which even for beginners, helps develop Spanish-language skills. If a person’s language abilities are limited, all host families are also fluent in English. When out in town or conversing with non-English speaking guests, host families also serve as translators.

Compared to full-service hotels, homestay facilities may seem rustic but the benefits gained from this cultural experience are priceless. Similar to an all-inclusive vacation package, one weekly price includes nightly accommodations and all meals. A great bargain, travelers should expect to pay around $200 a week for a city-based homestay vacation and less if participating in a working (agricultural) homestay program.
Locating one of these programs is easy. Contact information can be found at local tourism offices or by contacting a city’s language instruction school. These schools often combine language instruction classes as part of the homestay program’s curriculum. Mexico Homestay Programs: A Great Way to Experience Mexican Culture.

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  • Emannuel Legler
    June 4, 2013 7:18 pm

    Mexico is one of the cities in the world that offer many home stay opportunities that is quite similar to international student exchange programs. As a tourist in Mexico, you will be able to enjoy a typical Mexican family life. However before planning for your trip, it is always a precaution to buy Mexican car insurance as its really needed.

  • Suzann Deeter
    December 9, 2020 4:52 pm

    Go to cooler places like shopping malls and centers. The idea of visiting just one of the shopping center is bizarre to me.

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