Mexico Historical Sites and Mexican Automobile Insurance!

Metropolitan Cathedral and President’s Palace.

Mexico is home base for delicious tacos but also a home to an amazing number of exceptional historic treasures which are also the world’s greatest. These outstanding sites which are also easy to access due to their convenient locations also give a quick look into the countrys colorful history.

Mexico Historical Sites and Mexican Automobile Insurance!

Before deciding on which historic area is ideal for your vacation drive, Mexican Insurance online should be purchased. In order to drive, the law of Mexico requires foreign registered vehicles to have Mexican automobile Insurance or the financial ability to pay for damages you are responsible for immediately. Whether you want to drive leisurely along the streets or an want to take an adventurous ride around the state, Mexico Traveling insurance by Mexican Insurance is vital to protect yourself while driving in Mexico.

If you are looking for an interesting place you can drive to, then easy access to major historic sites will be a great advantage to you. What is more, many of these breath taking sites are well taken care of and well known.

Also, other sites are not well known to many as there is always room for new discoveries. Amazing historic sites like the magnificent Aztec Ruins of Templo Mayor and Mayan cities are excellent reminders of Mexicos earliest civilization.

These ancient civilizations have also been carried to the present life in the many museums around Mexico and this includes Montezuma feathered Headdress among others. The Aztec Ruins of Templo Mayor historic site was the foremost temple of the Aztec capital and was destroyed in the year 1521.

Over time, its significant remains have been discovered under Mexico City. Another historic site located in Plaza de la Coinstiticion is the Palacio Nacional which was built in 1693. This site was the residence of New Spain’s Viceroy and is characterized with paintings from Mexican history scenes. Many historic sites can be found in Centro Historico which is at the heart of Plaza de la Constitucion which is also one of the largest squares in the world.

It has been the center of the city’s pre historic times. In addition, this exceptional area totally stands out from the rest of the city due to its strong Europena and colonial feel to it. It is also characterized by colonial architecture and narrow and fine cobblestone streets.

This place is easy to access and is best explored on foot. Another well known historic site in Mexico City is the 44 floor first skyscraper in Mexico Known as Latinoamericana Tower. The site also allows you to view some of the most breath taking sights of the city from its 42nd floor. Other sites include Palacio de lturbide, Plaza de la Fundacion, Postal Palace, Plaza de Santo Domingo and many more.

All these outstanding historic sites have a different story to tel. Just one visit to any of these sites is enough to leave you with lasting memories. They all form a fantastic base for exploring the ever fascinating Mexico City.

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