Mexico City Museums!

Museum Soumaya is located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City

Experience Mexico City today by visiting the very best touring destinations. Known for its impressive and highly rewarding sights, Mexico City is also among the largest cities in the world.

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If you are an individual with absolute passion for touring beautiful sites while you feel at home, then this city will do the trick for you. You will not be limited in your choices especially if you are a museum enthusiast as the city offers museums you just have to visit. Even if you are not a museum fanatic, the sheer beauty and story these museums have to tell will be worth the little or no price you pay for entry purposes.

You will be sure to be spoild for choices as the city boasts over 150 museums. All there are filled with archeological pieces that will certainly be a subject of great interest to you. You will get to learn a lot about Mexico and enjoy top-quality paintings from the galleries, sculptures, artifacts, meet new people and a lot more. You will absolutely love the landscape of the Mexico City as you drive to the museum of your choice.

So, keep going to fill your day with excitement and interactive activities in Mexico City’s museums. For instance, along with its strategic location in a beautiful stylish house from the 18th Century, the National Museum of the Cultures also Museo Nacional de las Culturas museum will show you the main history of human civilizations by revealing their ways of life and also habits. This museum is also one of the first to be founded in Mexico.

The National Museum of Art will offer you overall vision of the history through Mexican’s artistic most diverse manifestations. So as you enjoy your art walk, you will not fail to notice beautiful house paintings made in the 16th century, furniture pieces from this age, photographs, jewels and many more in this museum which is located in the old palace of communications.

Opened in 1960, Museum of the city of Mexico also Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico offers valuable interesting object like archeological pieces. It brings all visitors to the present as the museum mirrors on the significant growth of the Aztec capital from the earliest human settlers all the way to the present time. All these are highlighted through maps, paintings etc.

These museums are just a taste of what to expect from Mexico museums as you will have a number of museums you can choose from. So, a must do as you drive to Mexico is a trip to one of the many museums which will also allow you to be able to enjoy fascinating views as you drive around.

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