Mexico Car Insurance Is Necessary No Matter How Far You Go!

Señor Mex Says: I have to say that I agree with one of the main points of this point: You need Mexico car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store whether you’re going only a few miles south of the border or hundreds. No matter how far or short your journey will be, you need to arm yourself with top-notch coverage. The second that your car rolls into Mexico, your existing insurance policy becomes void. To stay as safe as possible, you should line up Mexican car insurance before you even start your engine.

Mexico car insurance

When you get to the border and get through customs, you won’t have to stop at one of those weird shacks to buy a policy. You will already have great coverage ready to go. This will make your trip a lot smoother and easier too. Furthermore, it will save you a lot of time, money, and get more reliable coverage. Remember that you can buy Mexican car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store by the day, week, month and year as well.

AM Auto Insurance Post

“It is considered optional by some, but shouldn’t be considered as non-mandatory by you, and I’ll tell you why. Some individuals consider insurance coverage within Mexico optional because they may only be traveling a little way into the country.”

Read the whole AM Auto Insurance post. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going a few miles south of the border – you must buy Mexico car insurance every time!

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  • You could be living in US within a short distance from Mexico border, but that should not be an excuse to avoid buying Mexico insurance should you self-drive beyond the border.

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