Mexico Car Insurance – Is Daily or Annual Coverage Best?

You probably already know that many people who live in California, Arizona, and other border states buy annual Mexico car insurance. For those who drive to Mexico often, obviously, annual Mexican insurance coverage makes all kinds of sense. If you know you’re just heading to Mexico for a one-time trip though, you should probably get a daily policy instead. With that being said, you shouldn’t buy your car insurance for Mexico coverage at the border. Much better deals are available online.

Car insurance for Mexico

Quality Car insurance for Mexico

If you are only going to be in Mexico for a day or two, does the quality of your coverage really matter? Absolutely. For all you know, you could be involved in a fender-bender within minutes of crossing the border, or you could get in a car accident just before getting back in to the States. Either way, you will have to show the cops proof of coverage, or you will have to go to jail. If your car insurance for Mexico is low in quality, you could get stuck with a huge bill.


Some people don’t really care about paying more for Mexican insurance coverage, which is understandable, but why should you get ripped off the border? The border offices are in business to charge travelers as much as possible. They are not in the business of offering the best deals. You may not care about wasting a little money, but it seems pointless to spend extra for no reason.


You would be surprised by how easy it is to purchase insurance online. The best providers make the process as much as possible. At most, it only takes a few minutes to request a quote, select a policy and pay for it. You will also get to print it out, but make sure to print a few extra copies too. After all, it doesn’t cost extra, and you don’t want to lose your only copy.

Car insurance for Mexico

US-Mexico border

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