Mexico Car Insurance is Always Required!

Senor Mex says: First of all, it took me a little while to make heads or tails of this post. The first sentence is clear enough, though, and basically asks whether or not Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store is needed if a couple only plans to head into Tijuana for a couple of hours. The rest of the question is confusing, and I am going to disregard it. To answer the question, the answer is a resounding “absolutely.” You always need to arm yourself with Mexico car insurance if you are going to be operating a vehicle south of the border. It doesn’t matter if you will be in Mexico for a few hours or a few months – you absolutely need to be covered. Think about it: An accident can happen at any time. You could be involved in a fender-bender within a few minutes of arriving in Mexico. Without top-notch car insurance for Mexico, you could be taken to jail and end up owing hundreds of dollars.


“my wife & I are headed for Tijuana dental work on Monday & Wednesday. Should I acquire Mexico car insurance before we leave?”

Always snap up Mexico car insurance before leaving.

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  • Preston Stubblefield
    February 1, 2022 6:03 pm

    You can’t go wrong with your car insurance claim if you’re not an errant policyholder. Completeness of papers simply means your claim will be granted the soonest.

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