Mexico Car Insurance for Tourists & Currency Issues

Your plans for travel in Mexico should include a realistic assessment of how you will manage money during the trip. If you don’t want to get confused, you can research currency, exchange rates, and payment methods ahead of time. Obviously, your Mexico car insurance for tourists will be handled in dollars. You can buy a Mexican auto insurance policy online before you go, with all major credit cards accepted. Learn more about handling money in Mexico below. Remember that you need Mexico car insurance for tourists in order to drive on any highway or freeway in Mexico.

Mexico car insurance for tourists

Do I need pesos?

Paying in pesos is easy as you travel, but U.S. dollars are also usually welcome. The difference in working with local or foreign currency may be the exchange rate. Although you can pay in dollars, there’s no hard rule about an exact exchange being provided by a given business. Gas stations tend to post their exchange, allowing you to know precisely what conversion will be used. These gasolinera conversions may vary in a city, but they will be fairly close to current conditions. Small shops, on the other hand, may diverge a bit more. The rates can fluctuate, but a good rule of thumb is to remember that a dollar usually trades for around 10 pesos.

Authorities Require Mexico Car Insurance for Tourists!

If you buy auto coverage on the Mexico side of the border, you may run into variations in pricing. Buying a Mexican auto insurance policy from before you go ensures that you won’t have problems with changing prices. Additionally, you can be sure of the features included when you purchase Mexico car insurance for tourists. Stopping at a Mexican booth on the other side of the border can be risky because you can’t be sure of what you are getting for your money. Your selection of insurance policy allows you to verify concerns like licensing, ratings of providers, and features of plans.

Can I get cash in Mexico?

ATMs are widely available in larger cities. As you travel in more rural locations, banks may be more spread out. Ironically, more of the businesses in these rural settings operate on a strictly cash basis. You may not want to carry a lot of cash because of the risk of loss. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the availability of ATMs when you are in rural areas for an extended period of time.

Mexican auto insurance policy by MexicanInsuranceStore gives you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your trip free of worry!

Mexico insurance by MexicanInsuranceStore

Mexico City at night

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  • Cori Denardo
    May 16, 2014 4:14 pm

    Always carry enough money according to your planned stay in Mexico, though you can exchange money easily too, just apply for Mexico insurance for better service.

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