Mexico car insurance; Enjoy a Quick, Whirlwind Visit to Tijuana

Senor Mex says: If you’ve steered clear of Tijuana in the past because of its old, bad reputation, you need to rethink things. The city has come a really long way. These days, families flock there by day. While you probably don’t want to wander the streets in the wee hours of the morning, you can easily head down there and have a great time for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. As this post demonstrates, you don’t need a lot of time to enjoy a visit to Tijuana. The trick is to make your plans ahead of time and hit a few spots. Whether you drive a coupe, hardtop, or hatchback, it’s easy to drive into Tijuana, and navigating the city by car is a snap. Just make sure you have coverage with you at all times, or you might get to find out what the inside of a Mexican jail cell looks like. So get it right, you need Mexico car insurance to drive safely in Mexico.

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“Five hours. That’s all the time Jennifer had to work Tijuana into her SoCal getaway. She emailed seeking advice on a game plan for a quick but as comprehensive as possible of an itinerary that she could do solo. Which got us thinking, if we had less than half a day to roam around on our own and had never been to Tijuana before, what would we do? Well, here it is. The only element we apparently forgot was some sort of Javier Plascenciance, which Jennifer duly took care of on her own.”

Don’t forget to get quality Mexico car insurance.

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  • Annette Malchow
    November 27, 2018 5:15 pm

    Your Mexican insurance should have the best coverage to ensure that the assistance you need is always available – especially during crucial times.

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