Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store & El Rosario

El Rosario provides you with a number of interesting activities and sites as you explore one of the last seaside communities in Baja Norte before the Transpeninsular Highway heads inland. Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store can be purchased easily so you can be on your way. You will appreciate the ability to evaluate Mexican insurance reviews and You can compare coverage options visually so you select the best Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance for your plans.

Now that you have Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, how do you get to El Rosario?

The drive to El Rosario is fairly simple. Crossing the border into Tijuana, you can expect to travel for approximately five hours to reach your destination. Mexican Highway 1, also known as the Transpeninsular Highway, takes you through Ensenada. You’ll want to exercise caution through curves and mountains south of Ensenada as the highway can be narrow and busy. As you read your Mexican insurance reviews and, you will appreciate how serious a breakdown on a Mexican highway can be. You will also appreciate the fact that your Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance enables you to receive roadside assistance as a free benefit when you buy your policy.

Activities and sites in El Rosario

There are many water activities available in the region. You can enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. You may want to charter a fishing boat for some exciting sport fishing. You can also travel a bit south to explore rock paintings in the inland area. Head back north to see exciting feature like the Lobera, a huge sink hole that harbors sunbathing sea lions. Your Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store allows you to make the most while enjoying peace of mind.

Return trips

The short travel distance to El Rosario makes it a great destination for annual getaways. It’s also close enough that you can enjoy it during long holidays. Head out in the early afternoon to reach your destination by early evening during the summer, just in time for a beautiful sunset. Check Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store to learn about more nearby destinations. You can also monitor your Mexico insurance by Mexican Insurance so that you are ready to renew a long-term policy on time. You can even renew your Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store on a smartphone!

 Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation without worry!

Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance

El Rosario monarch butterfly preservation


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  • Celestine Sheely
    October 8, 2014 5:13 pm

    Transpeninsular Highway can be tricky to drive on due to its sharp meanders through the mountainous landscape of Ensenada. Having Mexican auto insurance can make you safe from liability in case of accident.

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