Mexico Beach Basics: Mexican Insurance Mexico car insurance

Mexican Insurance Mexico Car insurance

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Mexican Insurance Mexico Car insurance : Mexico Beach Basics

Mexico, due to its unique location between two bodies of water, has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Because of these, most travelers include a stop at a beach side location for swimming, surfing or beach combing. Before heading out to one of Mexico’s many beaches, there are some important safety and legal tips to remember.

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  1. Full or partial areas of many beaches may be closed during turtle nesting season (May – September). Sea turtles are a protected species in Mexico and every effort is made to ensure their survival. Should you encounter a closed beach, note the rules apply for both daytime and nighttime visitors.
  2. If visiting Mexico during hurricane season (May – November), even if some type of tropical disturbance is far away from Mexico, beaches may be closed. This is due to strong undertows and currents making water-immersive activities hazardous. Some beaches may be open to beachcombers and those seeking photographic opportunities; however this is at the discretion of local authorities.
  3. While perfectly legal in the United States, many common beach souvenir items are illegal to collect in Mexico. These include alive or dead corals, clam and abalone shells, sea shells and sea fans. If looking for a way to document your findings and preserve vacation memories, be sure to bring a camera with you. This way, any of these items you find beachside can be arranged and photographed, allowing a legal way to bring these items back home. A good rule of thumb when visiting Mexico’s beaches is to take nothing but photographs.

Additionally, if anyone approaches you regarding the sale of turtle eggs, turtle products or any of the previously mentioned sea relics, never purchase them. Doing so, even with a paid invoice showing you did not commit the crime, implicates you as being in receipt of these forbidden items.

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Mexico Beach Basics and Mexican Insurance Mexico Car insurance

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