Mexico Auto Insurance; Whats the Deal with Mexican Water?

When you tell people that you are heading down to Mexico, you are almost certain to be greeted with warnings about avoiding the water south of the border. Those warnings dont refer to the countrys many fine beaches, whose waters are perfectly suitable for swimming; rather, the warnings refer to the well known fact that Mexican water might make outsiders violently ill. After taking the time to buy Mexico insurance at online Mexican Insurance Store and making the drive down, the last thing you want is to be sick during your trip; learn more about the water below.

Bring Your Own Bottled Water

In most cases, the drive down to Mexico will take some time. Depending on where youre heading in the country, the drive through Mexico will take some time too. Make sure that you have Mexico car insurance online, and do not drink any water out of drinking fountains or taps. Your Mexican full coverage insurance policy will come in handy if you end up in an accident; avoiding the water will keep you from getting sick. Keep your Mexico auto insurance with you at all times and be sure to bring along plenty of bottled water.

Whats Wrong with the Water in Mexico?

The water in Mexico is sometimes has parasites that arent found in drinking water in countries like the U.S. and Canada. People who are born and raised in Mexico are used to ingesting these parasites; as a result, they can drink the water without experiencing any ill effects. The same is definitely not true when it comes to visitors to the country. Montezumas Revenge is a very real risk; if spending the majority of your visit on the toilet doesn’t sound appealing, bring your own water, and brush your teeth with it. Also avoid ice in drinks and raw salads that may have been washed in local water.

Additional Tips about Mexican Water

Some people think they need to avoid taking showers in Mexico, since it involves being drenched in Mexican water. That is definitely not true! You dont need to, and dont really want to go without a shower throughout your visit to Mexico. As long as you dont deliberately ingest water while youre in the shower, you should be fine. You do want to be more careful when brushing your teeth, though, since you’re directly putting your mouth into contact with water; use bottled water to avoid any serious problems. Try Mexican Insurance for low cost quality Mexico auto Insurance.

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