Mexico Auto Insurance Online; Dont Risk Going Without It!

If youre heading down to Mexico for a quick visit, you may be thinking about not bothering with Mexico auto insurance online. After all, youre only going to be in the country for a day or two, what are the odds of being involved in an accident, anyway? Besides, youre going to try not to drive very much. You probably figure that buying car insurance for Mexico is a big waste of time. However, thats not true at all. It’s just not worth it to risk going without Mexico car insurance by Mexican Insurance Store; find out why below.

Serious Trouble Awaits

Mexican auto insurance online doesnt just protect you financially. It is actually required by law. If you are involved in a car wreck and dont have car insurance for Mexico, the cops have every right to take you away to jail. People often dont realize this and are willing to take the risk of paying a lot of money. Its not just a financial risk though. You could easily lose your freedom while youre in Mexico. Even if you only end up in jail for a few hours, its not going to be a fun or enjoyable experience.

No Way Around It

If you think that youll be able to reason with the cops in the wake of a car accident in Mexico, think again. Theyre simply going to ask to see Mexico car insurance. If you can’t show it to them, they will probably take you to jail. Theyll do that because, under Mexican law, you have to be able to make good on your financial obligations if youre involved in an accident. The police assume that everyone is guilty until theyre able to conduct their investigation. They cant let you go until they get everything straightened out.

Mexican Auto Insurance is the Only Way

At the end of the day, car insurance for Mexico is the only way to avoid facing serious consequences while down in Mexico. It doesn’t matter if youre an extremely careful driver, and it doesnt matter if you are only going to be in the country for a day or two. For all you know, you could be involved in an accident immediately after crossing the border. The point is, you cant risk it, and you shouldnt risk it. Just buy a policy ahead of time to avoid any serious problems. Mexico car Insurance; Dont Risk Going Without It!

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  • Alecia Desanto
    July 30, 2014 5:47 pm

    Sometimes it is tempting to try to evade incurring costs. I have done this thrice trying to dodge getting Mexican insurance cover on Mexican roads. However, one day I lost all the benefits of it when I got involved in a minor accident that resulted in me repairing my vehicle plus that of the other person in the accident. It’s not worth doing it.

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