Mexico Auto Insurance; Inaccurate Information!

Senor Mex Says: Wow, I am thoroughly confused by this post! While the subject is straightforward enough, the content within is nearly impossible to understand. I think you are saying that it’s important to have Mexico car insurance, which is absolutely true. Going without that coverage while you are down in Mexico is a recipe for surefire disaster. However, little sense can be made of the majority of your post. You seem to suggest that people need to have proof of their existing auto insurance in order to get Mexico car insurance, but that is typically not true. I guess my main issue here is that buying this coverage is really easy. When people run across a post like this, though, they may be led to believe that buying coverage is tricky, convoluted, and aggravating. In the future, please keep it simple: Buying Mexico car insurance is easy; it is also imperative for anyone who is going to drive south of the border. See how easy that was? HUD Settlement Statement Post

“Automobile insurance in the U. S., Canada, or any other region for that matter, is meaningless in Mexico. It’s an vital obligation to possess insurance from a Mexican insurer. If you decide on to stay in this county, civil liability insurance coverage is the minimum requirement.”

Read the HUD Settlement Statement post. If you are visiting Mexico, make sure to invest in Mexico car insurance at Mexican Insurance Store.

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  • Mexico is famous for its road trips. However, the last time I was in Mexico, I did come across lots of soccer!

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