Mexico Auto Insurance and How To Avoid Additional Driver Charges!

Depending on where you are going in Mexico, your drive could be extremely long. After all, driving from Tijuana to the tip of the Baja Peninsula involves a drive of several hours. As a result, its smart to bring along a friend or a family member so you can take turns driving. If you are already aware of the need to review Mexico auto insurance at Mexican Insurance Store, you may be wondering whether a separate charge is added for each driver; luckily thats not the case. If purchased from Mexican Insurance, a single Mexico insurance online policy will protect whoever is driving the insured vehicle with no extra charges; they just need to have a valid drivers license, be 21 years of age or older and have your permission. Needless to say, this simplifies the process of driving around in Mexico considerably. As inexpensive as Mexican car insurance is, you can see why driving in with friends or family is such a cost effective move.

Insure Your Car and Be Good to Go

Its true with Mexican Insurance Store. You dont need to pay an additional cost per driver. (Some rental agencys charge $11 per day). You only need to buy a Mexico auto insurance policy for your car, you dont need to pay extra for each driver. If that wasnt the case, many people would probably forgo trips down to Mexico altogether. After all, having to pay for a separate charge for each driver would seriously jack up the overall price. As you plan your visit, keep in mind that the policy that you buy will cover the vehicle thats being driven; as long as the driver behind the wheel is licensed, everything should be fine.

Remember the Limitations

Are there limitations involved in buying most types of Mexican insurance? Absolutely. Most notably, you cant buy this type of coverage for a vehicle that has Mexican plates – it is strictly designed for foreign vehicles. If you are financing your vehicle, your lending company may have restrictions on whether or not you can bring it south of the border. If you drivew outside the border areas, make sure to check with them and get a letter of permission before you do so. Other than that, however, using this type of coverage couldnt be easier. More than likely, youll never have to worry about filing a claim.

Stay Safe by Trading Off

It may be tempting to do most of the driving yourself while youre traveling through Mexico. Some people just prefer to do most of the driving. However, its easy to get tired and less alert after driving for hours on end. Before you leave for Mexico, set up a driving schedule and be sure to stick to it. Knowing that you will get a break every few hours will help to keep you fresh. In turn, you will be far less likely to end up in an accident. After all, youd probably rather not have to put that insurance to use!

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  • One of the best and useful things in driving is by investing in GPS. It is a helpful system that saves lives.

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