Mexico auto insurance; 20 Miles From The Border Wont Cut It!

Senor Mex Says: It definitely doesnt pay to try and rely on your everyday car insurance company when driving down in Mexico. While many American and Canadian insurance providers claim that they can cover your vehicle within 20 miles of the border, the reality is that things arent so cut and dried. The second that you cross the border, your regular insurance policy essentially becomes null and void. Even if some sort of Mexico auto insurance coverage persists within 20 miles of the border, the reality is that filing a claim on it will be virtually impossible. Its silly to go through so much hassle when a basic Mexico auto insurance policy will protect you throughout the country of Mexico. By purchasing this type of coverage online, you won’t have to worry about staying within a certain distance of the border. You will feel secure in the knowledge that you can drive where you need to and still be covered. Insurance Compare Post

“I hаνе Progressive, bυt thеу wіll οnlу cover 20miles іn frοm thе border. Wе аrе traveling аll thе way іntο Michoacan, ѕο thаt won’t hеlр. I јυѕt want tο know іf anyone саn refer mе tο a legitimate auto insurance fοr taking уουr vehicle іntο Mexico.”

Line up top quality Mexico auto insurance by Mexican Insurance Store before heading south of the border.

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