Reviews And Mexican Insurance For Travel

Mexican insurance for travel

Highway 1 Ensenada Toll Road Reviews And Mexican Insurance For Travel

It’s easy to assume that your current coverage for your vehicle will suffice wherever you go. However, a trip across the border could prove devastating if you don’t take time to select Mexican insurance for travel. A foreign-plated vehicle that is covered at home still needs a Mexican auto insurance policy for driving in Mexico. Without this coverage, you could face legal problems as well as serious financial obligations in the event of an infraction or accident.

Why Domestic Coverage Is Not Enough

Most domestic policies clearly state that they are not valid for travel in Mexico. The Mexican government sets its own standards for coverage, and you will need Mexican insurance for travel that is available through a recognized agency that is approved by Mexico’s government. Your domestic carrier won’t help you if you cause an accident or a fatality because of your own driving errors. Further, if you still owe money on your financed vehicle, your Mexican insurance for travel is important for ensuring that your costs will be covered in the event of a total loss. While you might think of this in terms of having your vehicle totaled, you also need to consider the potential for a theft. Your Mexican auto insurance policy could come into play through no fault of your own, but being in the country without a Mexican auto insurance policy could leave you making payments for several years on a missing vehicle. Make a wise decision by investing in a policy that is recognized not only by the Mexican government but also by your lien holder.

How Much Mexican Insurance for Travel Is Needed?

You need a Mexican auto insurance policy to be effective from the time you enter the country until you leave. You may find that your trip will be in flux, so leave room in your policy period to ensure that there isn’t an unexpected lapse. A period of three weeks or more warrants a long-term Mexican insurance for travel. Be sure that your liability selections are consistent with the recommendations for the states you will visit. Reviews And Mexican Insurance For Travel

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  • You’ll receive toll alerts using Google or an app en route to Mexico. Keep in mind that there’s a toll fee for both ends.

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