Mexican Insurance and Safety for Piñatas and Cars Mexican Insurance and Piñatas

Señor Mex says: One of the items most associated with Mexico is the piñata. This article gives a great overview of what a piñata is, and it provides an excellent background on the history and significance. The practice of using piñatas has definitely made an impact far beyond the nation of Mexico, but it’s always fun to see the flair and bravado of kids and adults at a piñata breaking in Mexico. There are different occasions on which the activity plays a part. Kids’ birthday parties are well-known for big piñatas and lots of goodies. Christmas Eve, also known as Noche Buena, is another time of piñata breaking. Día de los Niños is another, a celebration of children on April 30.

If you are planning to be in Mexico for any of these occasions, it’s important to exercise safety measures as you instruct your kids about piñata protocol. An overanxious child can get in the way of the bat or stick without thinking. Auto protocol for heading south involves securing your Mexican Insurance. This ensures protection if you are involved in any collisions.

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piñata breaking in Mexico Article:

A piñata is a figure, usually made from a clay pot covered with paper mache and decorated in bright colors, with candy and fruit inside. At parties piñatas are suspended from a rope and children, usually blind-folded, take turns hitting it with a stick until it breaks and the candy falls out onto the ground and the children rush to collect it.

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