; Mazatlan: Mexico’s Little Piece of America; Mazatlan: Mexico’s Little Piece of America

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Visiting Mexico is meant to be an education regarding the
country’s cultures, landscapes and natural resources; however with as
many new experiences Mexico has to offer, everyday comforts sometimes
are not too far away. Pacific Mexico’s Mazatlan combines the beauty of
Mexico with the conveniences of small-town America. For travelers
looking to experience Mexico without having to sacrifice familiarities,
Mazatlan is the perfect destination.

While Mexican food is available, typical American food is
plentiful. Salads, sandwiches, seafood and barbeque platters are
featured fares. Chinese, French and Portuguese restaurants can also be
found here. For children or those desiring an American staple,
cheeseburgers are available at the local Dairy Queen or other local
diners. Coffee drinkers will find many cafes offer all day coffee
served with English-language newspapers and magazines.

Relaxing in Mazatlan is like visiting your ideal American town.
There are parks and an aquarium for children to visit, while outdoor
shopping and boating activities appeal to adults. Additionally,
families can attend movies, baseball games and water parks. If needing
an indoor activity due to rain, be sure to visit the Benjamin Franklin
Library. This library has classic American literature; shelved and
ready to read. Best of all, it’s in English.

Handy, English-language city calendars and festival guides are
available at most public locations. These printed publications include
the city’s available tours, featured restaurants and highlighted
events. To help make your time in Mazatlan unforgettable, be sure to
pick one up to receive information regarding many establishments’
opening and closing times, locations, and featured restaurants with

Travelers, especially those vacationing in Mexico for an extended
time period may want to pay Mazatlan a visit so they can keep up on all
of the latest back-home news. Since this city caters to the
English-speaking population, finding a friendly face to converse with
or national newspaper to read should not be a difficult task. Who
knows; you may end up meeting someone from your own hometown.; Mazatlan: Mexico’s Little Piece of America.
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