Mexican Wine Country Vacation Secrets and Mexican Insurance Information

Mexican Insurance Information

Hotel Endemico Valle de Guadalupe

Mexican Insurance Information and Mexican Wine Country Vacation Secrets

Whether you have visited California’s wine country and are looking for a different experience, or have always dreamed of taking a wine-themed vacation, visiting the Baja region of Mexico allows for some of the best wine tours and accommodations. While wine making is not indigenous to Mexico, thanks to Russian entrepreneurs, over time the Valle de Guadalupe region has been known as Mexico’s premier exporter of fine, locally-grown wines.

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Wine vacations in Mexico can either be as brief as a four hour highlight on a “best of Mexico” tour or as inclusive as multi-day accommodations at a working winery. Half-day tours include a trip to the vineyards, storage facilities, bottling areas and a wine tasting. Priced separately, fees are a flat rate for the tour and an additional, varied rate for selected sampled wines. This makes tours family-friendly, as children will not be charged for unnecessary amenities. Tours are very inexpensive, for two adults including wine tasting, costing around $20.

Full-service wineries offer tours, accommodations and meals with farm-produced wines for less than the price of big-city resorts. Because these establishments are small, rooms are limited and visitors may be housed in guest houses located throughout the property. Many of these vineyards allow guests to participate in the wine making process; from harvesting grapes to bottling their own custom blend.

A quick search online well in advance can help potential guests reserve one of these limited rooms and provide a relaxing, stress-free vacation choice. Depending on harvest times, budget around $200-$225 per night for an all-inclusive wine country vacation in northern Baja’s heartland.

Because not every winery operates daily tours, it is best to check which ones correspond with your schedule availability and telephone them directly. Calling ahead of time also allows reservations to be confirmed, especially in instances where a minimum number of participants are required.

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Mexican Insurance Information and Mexican Wine Country Vacation Guide Secrets

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