Mexican Visas – Border Crossings Made Easier

With so many places to explore, many times a planned vacation warrants expanding. This desire to see more of Mexico leads people, who are financially able to, needing to make last-minute extended travel plans. In addition to securing lodging, exchanging scheduled return flights and planning new excursions, some travelers may also need to renew their visas. In most cases, visa extensions are easy but can only be done after the visa holder is in receipt of a return flight home.

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Visa extensions are handled by local immigration offices and the process will last a few hours. Extension request forms will need to be completed, documents (passport, currently-issued visa, return plane ticket, bank statement or credit card) will need to be presented, and fees will have to be paid but if looking to see and enjoy more of Mexico without having to pay for a new vacation, are worth the costs involved. In Mexico, expect to pay about $25 per person for a visa extension. This money should already be on hand, however payment locations are separate from the visa issuing office, so ATM’s may be nearby or credit cards may be accepted. After these fees have been paid and documents approved, travelers will be issued their visa extensions.

If planning to extend a visa, note government offices in Mexico do not operate the same as U.S. offices. These official buildings close in early afternoon for siesta time but are open for business during mid-morning hours. Arrive before 9 a.m. and allow plenty of time for the process. Travelers coming later in the morning may be required to return the next day for visa extension pick-up.  

One last piece of advice is to plan early. Don’t wait until the last day or two to exchange plane tickets, secure lodging and renew a visa. Since visa extensions need approval, if yours should get denied or take longer than expected, you may have to return home and visit Mexico another time.

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