Mexican Travel and the H1N1 Virus

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Mexican travel has slowed down ever since the H1N1 Virus, more commonly known as the swine flu virus, cropped up in Mexico City earlier this year.  The realization that the disease actually started somewhere in Asia
hasn’t actually gotten out as much, and therefore people have still
been somewhat hesitant to travel there for fear of getting sick.

The truth is that Mexico is as safe as any other place for travel these days.  That
may not be saying much with the pandemic talk coming from the World
Health Organization, but this seems to be a pandemic that’s not
killing as many people as previous pandemics in history, probably for
two reasons.  One is that we have better
treatments for flu overall, and two, because people getting the disease
are healthier than they were when previous pandemics occurred.  There are also other protections one can decide to take, to travel to
Mexico as well as anywhere else either outside of, or within, the country.

There’s now a flu vaccine that’s available for many people who may want to travel into Mexico.  Its
availability isn’t great yet unless you’re a health care worker,
but if you decide to get it, you may be protected against this virus.

Something else that hotels are doing is encouraging people to wash their hands more with soap and water.  Many
of the better hotels are checking their water supply to make sure
it’s safe and potable, and providing many more areas for people to
wash up.  It’s been determined that the best way to prevent diseases from spreading is washing with soap and water.

People need to know that Mexico is safe to travel in as it pertains to the H1N1 virus.  You can go into the water with others and not risk getting sick; the virus doesn’t travel that way.  It’s spread mainly by touching each other, or by being around someone sneezing and coughing a lot.  In other words, it’s spread the same way other flu viruses are spread.  Since people with flu aren’t likely to be out swimming or sitting on the beaches, you’re probably safe. 
always make sure you wash your hands before you touch areas of your
body that are susceptible to catching colds, such as your eyes, nose or
mouth, or any open wounds on your body.  If you
stay vigilant, even if you’re around someone who might have the
disease, you will protect yourself, and have fun while traveling in

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