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Mexican Medical Travel

Mexico Insurance and Mexican Medical Travel

As the costs of medical procedures keeps increasing in the United States, and insurance companies keep trying to find ways to not pay for expensive surgeries, many more people are starting to travel outside of the county for surgical procedures.

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Some insurance companies have contracted with facilities in India to provide these services at a lower cost. But for people who don’t want to travel all the way to India, going to Mexico for these services is proving to be a boon for health care all around. Heading to Mexico provides a few things that one won’t get in either India or the United States. One, the prices are much lower for both traditional surgeries and cosmetic surgeries. Two, almost all of the medical centers where people can get these treatments are in beautiful locales, meaning patients can turn the entire event into a beautiful vacation at the same time.

Most of the people who travel to Mexico for surgical procedures are going for elective surgery, or plastic surgery. The most popular surgeries are for weight loss, such as gastric bypass and all the other types of bariatric surgery. Medical surgical travel packages are set up differently than traditional travel packages in that everything is taken care of by the medical facility, including travel papers. All one has to do is pay the fee, and it’s all set.

Major surgeries are also done at some of these hospitals, including cardiac surgery and transplants. And patients might be set up at local luxury hotels to recuperate rather than having to lay in a hospital bed, which of course if you’re having a transplant might not work, but for other types of surgery would be a pleasant change from how American health care works.

If you want to explore the possibility of doing something like this, check out a corporation called Angeles Health International, which has facilities in many of these vacation cities, to see what they can offer. It’s an alternative that deserves being explored. Just don’t forget your Mexico insurance.

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