Mexican Insurance – Touring Mexican Rainforests!

If the rainforests of Hawaii or South America are too far away to visit, consider exploring some in Mexico.

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Located on the AtlanticCoast in the YucatanPeninsula, these forests were held in high esteem by the Mayans for their waterfalls, lush foliage and diverse animal life. In fact, one of the Mayas most sacred creatures, the quetzal, lives here. Just as in other tropical forests, Mexican rainforests are home to numerous birds and mammals, but many are indigenous to this region.

With the growing development in Mexico, many rainforests have diminished in size. Some of the best examples are in Oaxaca and Vera Cruz; both popular tourist destinations. As a result, many rainforest creatures have experienced reduced populations.

If visiting one of these areas, look for endangered species; particularly jaguars. Typically thought of as spotted, these big cats can also be solid black. The Maya prized their coats and many were transformed into ceremonial costumes.

Their present-day numbers have gotten even smaller due to their loss of livable habitats. Today, dancers in these regions celebrate the jaguar and its cousin, the ocelot in with costumed performances and measures are being taken to help repopulate this species.

When visiting Mexican rainforests, be sure to bring your binoculars. While South American rainforests have the Toco Toucan, Mexico’s has their own unique toucan: the Keel-Billed Toucan. Using binoculars, look for black birds with brightly-colored, yellow chests and bills displaying colors of red, orange, green and black. Other items to bring include: mosquito repellent, bottled water and camera equipment.

Finally, make sure to wear cotton clothing, as rainforests experience high humidity. Wearing natural fibers help absorb moisture and provide a thicker layer of defense against insect bites.

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